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Please note that any undeclared dangerous good loaded onto an aircraft is punishable by a fine of up to $50 000 from Transport Canada.

All dangerous goods must be declared and accompanied by a proper description sheet for each item.

Dangerous goods must be sent to our office at least 24 hours before the flight departure. Dangerous goods received on the day of the departure or at the last minute will be SYSTEMATICALLY REFUSED.

The packaging of dangerous goods must comply with IATA regulations:

All boxes must be UN-certified and clearly display the appropriate legal labels:

Any packaging not complying with the above will be repackaged by a CFT-approved shipper AT YOUR EXPENSE.

No exception will be made to the above rules. They are enforced by law and Chrono Aviation will not tolerate that its exploitation licenses be compromised by luggage containing dangerous goods. Administration reserves the right to open and inspect any box deemed not compliant.

Chrono Aviation is proud to boast a safety rating of 100%. We spare no effort to make each of our flights safe and comfortable.