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This morning, at Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport (AMSL), Chrono Aviation unveiled its first Boeing 737-200, a major addition to the fleet of the Quebec-based company specializing in air charter. The aircraft, which can carry 120 passengers or combinations of passengers and cargo, is the only Boeing in the world capable of taking off and landing on gravel runways 5,000 feet long..This acquisition makes Chrono Aviation one of the rare companies to be able to offer an aircraft of this size for charter. The 737 is the first wide-body aircraft to be officially based at Saint-Hubert Airport, which this morning inaugurated a new runway to accommodate this type of aircraft.

An exceptional aircraft that marks a milestone in Chrono Aviation’s history

“The addition of this first 737-200 to our fleet marks an important step in our company’s growth,” says Vincent Gagnon, President of Chrono Aviation. After adding the Dash-8, a private jet and a King Air 350 to our fleet in the last two years, we felt that the company was at a turning point. We’re ready to move up a gear, to get into the big leagues of aviation. Until recently, Chrono could carry a maximum of 37 passengers or 8,000 pounds of passengers and cargo with its Dash- 8. With the 737, we’ll be able to meet our customers’ growing demand by carrying up to 120 passengers or up to 30,500 pounds of cargo.” This makes the 737 a strategic asset for Chrono, as it enables us to offer wide-body transport to mining and construction companies who regularly travel to remote regions.


A second 737 to be added to the fleet in the coming months
The recently acquired 737 is the first Boeing in a fleet that will be rapidly expanded, notably with the addition of a second 737-200 in November. Chrono has invested over $12 million in the purchase and refurbishment of the two aircraft, which are also outfitted in the company’s famous matte black color scheme, which has set it apart from the rest of the North American aviation scene since its foundation. Whether in Quebec, Canada or the United States, our aircraft are noticed and talked about,” explains Dany Gagnon, Vice President of Chrono Aviation. It’s easy to imagine that the 737, three times the size of the Dash-8, will turn a lot of heads! With one 737 in its ranks, and soon two, Chrono Aviation, which has been experiencing the strongest growth in the Canadian airline industry for nearly six years, continues its meteoric rise to the highest heights of aviation.

About the Boeing 737-200*
The Boeing 737-200 is a high-capacity jetliner. This American-built, high-performance twinjet is the world’s most popular commercial aircraft. The Boeing 737-200 offers a wide range of cargo options. It can carry up to 120 passengers, up to 30,500 pounds of cargo, or combinations of passengers and freight, giving it many advantages that are particularly appreciated by our customers. The Boeing 737-200 can cover a distance of 2,720 km at a cruising speed of 779 km/h and a maximum altitude of 11,887 m (39,000 ft). It is also the only Boeing capable of taking off and landing on gravel runways.
*This aircraft is operated by Chrono Jet, a member of the Chrono Aviation Group.

About Chrono Aviation

Founded in Quebec City in 2012, Chrono Aviation is an ambitious and innovative company specializing in air charter. Based in Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski, the company’s primary mission is to offer exceptional safety to its passengers. It sets itself apart from the competition by offering top-of-the-range service and providing its customers with modern, state-of-the-art aircraft. After just six years, Chrono Aviation has over 107 employees and a fleet of 14 aircraft. In recent years, the company has been awarded two prestigious prizes at the annual Fidéides gala, a Trophée Vision and a Mercuriades award. Chrono Aviation continues to expand and strengthen its leadership position in the Quebec air charter industry.

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